Building a Culture of Resilience

We work with you to develop training and on-going support programs based on your unique needs. We've found that team size and make up, the physical space, policy and procedures, along with the nature of the work will all play a role in shaping individual and organizational needs.

In partnership with you and your team, we will identify the various educational, screening and support services that will be most appropriate for your team's unique needs and goals.

While our programs are customized in collaboration with each client, they will typically include components such as:

  • Training for managers and hiring personnel on how to prepare and identify appropriate candidates early in the recruitment cycle
  • Educating teams about the potential impact of the work and how to identify the signals of vicarious stress on employees at all levels
  • Providing ongoing support for teams and individuals via group and individual sessions that teach skills and foster resiliency
  • Cultivating a culture of support by providing a framework for employees and managers to effectively engage with one another around difficult material


Let’s talk more about how we can partner with you to sustain and support your team and the important work they do.  (415) 409-9573