Naheed Sheikh, PSY.D.

Naheed Sheikh is a multi-lingual, licensed clinical psychologist. She works with adolescents, adults, couples, and families at her private practice in Berkeley, California. Naheed is the Training Director of the School-Based Collaboration at the Wright Institute, where she trains doctoral students of clinical psychology. Naheed specializes in the treatment of Trauma, Complex Trauma and Vicarious Trauma. She has developed interventions to work with the impact of social media on stress and well-being. Using electronic media for therapeutic purposes, Naheed provides mental health services to refugees and survivors of trauma in Pakistan.

Stefania Pifer, PSY.D

Stefania Pifer holds a doctorate from the graduate school of Clinical Psychology at the Wright Institute in Berkeley, California. She is psychotherapist who has worked with teens, young adults and adult survivors of trauma. Stefania has developed integrated interventions for individuals and teams to address the impact of vicarious trauma in the workplace. Prior to her graduate studies in clinical psychology, Stefania worked as a member of Google’s Agency Team for over six years. Stefania’s clinical training and professional tenure at Google uniquely position her to understand the psychological and professional experiences of employees in a dynamic and demanding workplace culture.

Ray Cagan, M.A.

Ray Cagan is a Workplace Wellness Project team member who focuses on group dynamics and success. He is a former educator who has worked with major tech companies, non-profit organizations, and governmental agencies to promote both personal resilience and organizational wellness. Ray received a Masters in Educational Leadership from UC Berkeley and has developed models for group and team success for employees who are dealing with acute and ongoing stress in the workplace. 

Our Story

The Workplace Wellness Project was founded by Naheed Sheikh and Stefania Pifer. They bring a unique blend of skills and experiences that combines years of working in tech with expertise in the treatment of trauma and vicarious trauma.

Prior to her training in clinical psychology, Stefania spent six years working at Google as a member of their global agency team.

Stefania met Naheed during her studies at the Wright Institute, where Naheed trains psychology graduate students in her role as Training Director. 

Since co-founding the The Workplace Wellness Project, Stefania and Naheed have developed effective interventions to support personal and team resilience and well-being by directly addressing the impact of vicarious trauma as a result of engagement with stress-inducing material.


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