It's A Brave New Work

Real-time content creation changed the rules on distribution and control, with users now generating billions of pieces of content each day. Similarly, the rise of sharing economies brings people into contact in novel ways. In response, a new type of work has emerged to support and protect companies, their consumers and their communities.

At times intellectually challenging and emotionally taxing, this work places unique responsibilities and challenges upon today’s technology organizations and their employees.


The Cost of Caring

Coming into direct contact with difficult content has both professional and personal impact. Decreased productivity, absenteeism, burnout, and high turnover are all common. But so are deterioration in physical and mental health, including sleep disturbance, relational impairments and harmful coping strategies.

We know from research across various trauma-related fields that individuals and groups who employ ongoing social support and resiliency techniques can more successfully continue doing important – but difficult – work.

In fact, resilience training is now considered a necessary best practice for front-line employees managing some of the world’s most difficult and challenging content.


A Practical Approach

We employ accessible, easy-to-use techniques that draw on current research in neurobiology and psychology, along with our expertise developed during thousands of hours of trauma-related fieldwork.

Our framework helps employers support managers and workers throughout their employment, beginning with the recruitment process and, when necessary, through organizational exit.

Most importantly, our comprehensive approach to psychoeducation is the most effective way to engage and empower employees to play an active role in ongoing, sustainable self-care.

Our practices are consistent with the Technology Coalition Guidelines for Employee Resilience (2013).


We Know Tech, Too

Our team has been working with prominent organizations in the technology community since 2011.  Our confidential clients are among the world’s most visited social media, video, and content distribution platforms.

Our experience gives us a deep understanding of the population of employees who seek to work in these dynamic environments. We understand the unique demands of the work and how to create a broader culture of resiliency and support in this organizational context.

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