Along with our expertise developed during thousands of hours of trauma-related fieldwork, we employ simple and easy-to-use techniques that draw on current research in neuroscience and psychology. 

Our framework helps employers to support employees, beginning with the recruitment process and, when necessary, through organizational exit.

Most importantly, our comprehensive approach to education and practice is the most effective way to engage and empower employees to play an active role in ongoing, sustainable self-care.

Our services are consistent with the Technology Coalition Guidelines for Employee Resilience (2015).

Tailored For TECH

Our team has been working with leading organizations in the technology community since 2011.  Our confidential clients are among the world’s most visited social media, video, and content distribution platforms.

Our experience gives us a deep understanding of the population of employees who work in these dynamic environments. We understand the unique demands of this work and how to create a culture of resilience and support in this organizational context.


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