New technologies have enabled the broadest distribution of content in human history. On the upside, this has increased contact, communication and access to informative content all around the world. On the downside, platforms are being used for exploitative purposes and the content can be disturbing, offensive or illegal. As a result, organizations now face unique responsibilities and challenges related to the care of employees whose jobs require engagement with difficult material in the service of protecting your company and community.

The Cost of Caring

Working directly and indirectly with disturbing content can have both a professional and personal impact. At work you might notice absenteeism, burnout, high turnover and decreased productivity. On a personal level, employees can experience a decline in physical and mental well-being, which can show up as sleep disturbances, relationship problems and counterproductive coping strategies.

We know from research across various trauma-related fields that individuals and groups who employ ongoing social support and resiliency techniques can more successfully continue doing this very important – but difficult – work.

In fact, wellness and resilience services are now considered a necessary best practice for employees who manage some of the world’s most difficult and challenging content.



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